boatbill heron ( Cochlearius )

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( bōtbil′ )



Tropical American wading bird with a large bill of the heron family.

Boat bill heron
Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Animalia – Animal, animals
Phylum Chordata – chordates
Subphylum Vertebrata – vertebrates
Class Aves – Birds
Order Pelecaniformes – Pelicans, Ibises, ibis, Herons
Family Ardeidae Leach, 1820 – Bitterns, Egrets, Herons
Subfamily Cochleariinae Chenu & Des Murs, 1854
Genus Cochlearius Brisson, 1760
Species Cochlearius cochlearius (Linnaeus, 1766) – Boat-billed Heron
Direct Children:
Subspecies Cochlearius cochlearius cochlearius (Linnaeus, 1766)
Subspecies Cochlearius cochlearius panamensis Griscom, 1926
Subspecies Cochlearius cochlearius phillipsi Dickerman, 1973
Subspecies Cochlearius cochlearius ridgwayi Dickerman, 1973
Subspecies Cochlearius cochlearius zeledoni (Ridgway, 1885)

References and Further Reading

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  • Boat-billed Heron Cochlearius cochlearius
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  • Boat-billed Heron Cochlearius cochlearius
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