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( eksôr-sīz′ )



[ME. exorcisen < OFr. exorciser; LL. exorcizare; New Testament Gr. exorkizein, to drive away an evil spirit by adjuration, (earlier) to swear a person, administer an oath < Fr. ex-, out + horkizein to make one swear < horkos, an oath; cf. CONJURE].

  1. To free one of an evil spirit or malignant influences. To cast out or expel an evil spirit by adjuration, ritualistic prayers, incantation, solemn ceremonies or charms.
  2. To command or summon such spirits.
  3. To pronounce exorcisms over and free one from such spirits. Also spelled exorcize.
  4. [Obs.] To summon or conjure up a spirit such as a demon.

ex′or•cise′ment (n.) —ex′or•cis′er (n.)


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