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( ek′sə-terik )



[LL. exotericus; Gr. exōterikos, external < compar. of exō, outside < exōterō comparative of exō, outside.].

  1. Adapted to be intelligible such as a doctrine to common comprehension, suitable for the general public.
  2. Comprehensible to the outside world; public, external.
  3. Capable of being quickly comprehended. Not intended for only a chosen few or an inner-circle of disciples or initiates and is suitable for outsiders.
  4. A concept, idea or thing which is understood by the public; common, simple and popular. Compare with esoteric.
  5. Pertains to the outside; External.

See Esoteric.

Also ex´o-ter′i-cal, ex´o-ter′i-cal-ly (adv.) — ex´o-ter′i-cism (n).


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