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( ek′sos-tōsis )
( ek′so-stōsis )


n. [pl. EXOSTOSES (-sēz) exosto′ses.]

[Mod. L.; Gr. exostōsis < ex- outside + osteon, a bone].

  1. Pathology, Medicine. Abnormal, yet benign tumor or new bony growth on either inner or outer surface of a bone or tooth. Characteristically capped with cartilage.
  2. A morbid formation and protuberance of bone. Morbid bony growth on a bone.
  3. Formation of knots on trees.

Adj. exostot′ic. See Osteochondroma.

exostosis cartilagin′ea, a variety of osteoma consisting of a layer of cartilage developing beneath the periosteum of a bone.

hereditary multiple exostosis, a generally benign, hereditary disorder of enchondral growth of bone, marked by extoses near the extremities of the diaphysis of long bones.


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