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( eksôr-sist )



[Gr. eksorkidzein "to cast out by adjuration"].

  1. A person who exorcises. In the early Christian church anyone who drove out evil spirits from persons, places or things.
  2. In the Roman Catholic Church, the exorcist's office was established for clerics, with the earliest record of the special ordination is the 7th canon of the council of Carthage, A.D. 398, but gradually his duties were assumed by the priest.
  3. In Greek churches and Roman Catholicism, a term especially applied to the minor orders; refers to this order's function of practicing exorcism. This position is the 3rd grade in the minor orders of the clergy between those of acolyte and reader. The office is actually no more than a preliminary stage within the priesthood.

See Exorcism.


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