Pronunciation key

( fāshi-end′ )
( fāshē·end )

Webster's and Funk & Wagnalls differentiate on pronunciation key.


[ <L faciendum, neut. gerundive of facere do]
[ < neut of L. faciendus, gerundive of facere, to make, do]


  1. In Math, an operand or multiplicand.
  2. The number or factor to be multiplied by another.


(fāshǝnt) suffix Causing; making: sorbefacient.
[ <L faciens, -entis, ppr. of facere to make, do] a suffix used to form adjectives, meaning making or cause to become, for instance, liquefacient.


  • Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language (College Edition) ©1955
  • Funk and Wagnall's Standard Dictionary, Comprehensive International Edition, ©1976
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