Pronunciation key

( fāshi·ēz )
( fā′shēz )



[ <L, face, appearance]

  1. The general, external appearance of anything.
  2. In geology, collective characteristics which define origin, composition and method of formation in sedimentary deposits based on features such as stratification, grain size, mineral composition and fossil compositions. Typically, the term designates a section of a larger whole, such as a marine formation that may be nearshore and offshore facies contain different types of sediment and organic remains, although the facies formed simultaneously. Therefore, the term is applied to areally segregated parts of a single sedimentary area, although various deposits were formed simultaneously but under different environmental conditions. Correlation between facies in terms of geologic time is a question dealt with in stratigraphy.
  3. In medicine, the expression of the face with a particular disease.
  4. A surface.


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  • Encyclopedia International, ©1966 (Grolier Inc.)
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